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Related article: Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 14:27:21 +1100 From: Iain Robertson Subject: After Nick & Noah Chapter 7Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me -- all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. After Nick and NoahChapter 7 "He went ballistic! I've never heard anyone, even the bible bashers, turn so nasty, or spit out so much hatred. He wasn't shouting or anything, but really nasty; he kept saying how `that kind of thing' was dirty and perverted. He rambled on about how anyone who let themselves be dragged into kinky sex was just degrading themselves, and everyone they knew. He even started to Lolita Nudist give me a lecture on the `advantages' of `normal' sex as compared to the sickness of anyone who got into kinky sex. And he wasn't just talking about role playing -- you know, dominance and submission, either! As far as Tony is concerned, even the hint of leather equals complete degeneracy. If he suspected what Richard and I get up to, I am certain that he would drop us like hot coals, and we'd never hear from him again!"Nick's eyes widened in surprise at the vehemence with which Joe spoke, and the realisation Lolita Nudist of just how much Tony hated anything to do with the leather scene. "But I don't understand," he burst out. "If Tony wants to be with you, Joe, then why would he want to keep it a secret that Richard tried to get into some leather sex with another guy the night you had the fight?""Richard tried to do what?" Joe exploded. "And what do you mean Tony tried to keep it a secret? How does Tony fit into it?"Noah looked reproachfully at Nick, who blushed at blurting out what he had said."Joe," Nick said softly, shooting another look at Nick. "We've discovered that the night you and Richard fought, after he walked out of here, he went to see a guy he had been having sex with. Apparently Richard was in a bad mood, and started to take it out on this guy. They fought, literally; both of them ended up pretty badly knocked around from what we can work out, and then Richard walked out on this other guy as well.""Limped out, more likely," Nick added."Nick, you're not helping!" Noah warned.Joe looked miserable. "But how is Tony involved?" he asked again.Noah sighed. "Tony showed up at the same place -- the house where Richard had gone to -- about an hour after Richard left. He started yelling at the other guy, calling him perverted and kinky. Tony threatened him, told him not to try to contact Richard again, or even to tell anyone that Richard had been there."Joe was stunned. "I guess that sounds like Tony's reaction, if he found out Richard was getting into leather sex."Nick wouldn't remain silent any longer. "But if Tony wants you for himself," he burst out. "then wouldn't it suit him to have you find out about this? If you knew Richard was screwing around, that he'd gone to someone else after your fight, then there's more chance you'll dump him, and end up with Tony.""Subtle, Nick," Noah said dryly."But how did Tony know where this guy lived? Or that Richard would go to him?" Joe asked quietly."That we don't know," Noah answered. "But there's more, and I don't think you're going to like hearing it ..." He took another deep breath, as Joe tried to steel himself. "The night that you fought, Tony threatened this guy, told him that if he ever told anyone Richard had been there that night, Tony would kill him. The guy seemed to think he was serious."Joe appeared to be confused, and Noah moved to sit closer to him, lowering his voice even further."Joe, we saw Tony go back there again last night. Lolita Nudist We followed him to the house, and there was an argument. After he left, we went inside and spoke with the guy again -- the one Richard had gone to that night. He said that Tony went to see him because Tony believed he had told someone else about what had happened. Tony told him Richard had disappeared -- and that if he wasn't careful, this guy might disappear too!""Oh my god!" Joe whispered.The three of them sat together in silence for a long time, each lost in his own thoughts. Finally, it was Joe who spoke."But it still doesn't tell us where Richard is, or what has happened to him," he said softly."No," Noah agreed. "But I suspect Tony knows a lot more than he's told us.""Maybe," Nick commented, "But he's hardly likely to tell us any more, especially now.""Not intentionally," Noah stated. The other two looked at him questioningly, prompting him to elaborate. "I have a theory about what happened, but only Tony can confirm it, and I think that to get him to do that, we're going to have to set a `trap'.""What kind of trap?" asked Joe."One that will mean you probably lose his friendship forever, whether he tells us any more or not," was Noah's answer.Joe's face hardened. "It seems to me that Tony is hardly a true friend anyway, if he knew where Richard went that night, and has never said anything all this time. Tell me what you have in mind."As Noah explained, both Joe's and Nick's eyes widened with disbelief at first, which was gradually replaced by wicked smiles, tinged with a little guilt. When he had finished, Joe's only question was "When?""As soon as we can," Noah replied. "What about tonight?""Will you be able to arrange everything that quickly?" Nick asked."I think so. I'll make some calls right now and find out. Joe, what time do you expect Tony to show up at your place?""He usually comes over around 7.00 most nights, unless he calls first, or I call him," answered the other man."Won't it be obvious to him that there's something funny going on if you know he always shows up at the same time?" asked Nick.Noah answered. "If he reacts they way I think he will, he won't stop to consider that until it's too late!" ***By just before 6.30 that evening, the trap was set. Nick, Noah and Joe were waiting in the living room of Joe's home, each of them fidgeting like caged mice. The outfits they wore felt so out of place in this context.Each of them wore as much leather as they possibly Lolita Nudist could. Nick was garbed as a Master, his head capped by a leatherman's cap with silver chain strung across the peak and a shiny visor pulled down over his eyes, which in turn were obscured by dark mirrored sun-glasses. Around his chest he wore a full body harness, studded with chrome spots and offset by more chains hanging across his abdomen and around his ribcage. Over the harness, a shining black leather vest was unbuttoned, each side held together by small lengths of glimmering silver, and over that again he wore a heavy biker jacket which sported thick links of metal from each shoulder like epaulets.His boots were polished so they shone in even the dimmest light, more chain linking each ankle under the sole. They came well up his calves, before giving way to the tightest pair of chaps he owned, which squealed with the tiniest of movement, and pulled up hard against the bottom of his butt cheeks. Snapped across the front of the chaps was a hard leather cod-piece adorned with more chrome studs, full and rounded so that it looked like he was sporting the largest package of manmeat imaginable. In fact, he was somewhat glad of the room in that cod, since every time he glanced at either Noah or Joe, he began to get an erection. The two men beside him looked so hot, that it was only the importance of the game they were playing which kept him from settling into a long hot session of serious sex right there.Noah was fitted out in slave's attire, encased in leather from head to toe. His boots were spit shined and square toed, almost covered by chaps which glimmered in the dimness and looked as if they had been spray painted onto his skin. Beneath the chaps he wore a pair of crotchless leather shorts which hugged his arse and made it appear to shimmer with every movement as he flexed his butt. His cock and balls were enveloped in more black hide, a custom made pouch affair which actually looked as though he were naked, and his genitals were leather. Luckily, he was far too conscious of what was happening around them to get aroused, or his hard-on would have been instantly and emphatically evident to the world.His upper body was encased in a sculpted body suit, etched to emulate a perfect six pack stomach and hardened pecs with large over-emphasised nipples which sported thick shining rings through each. The torso suit itself was criss-crossed by a harness which circled the giant nipples and disappeared below the line of his chaps. Around his neck a wide dog-collar of plain black, set with a single `D' ring, supported a long leash of black which trailed to the ground, and his entire head was obscured by a full slave hood of soft kid leather, also in black, which was laced up at the back, and had nothing more than slits at the eyes, and a zippered opening over the mouth.Joe played the role of slave as well, and although his kit was not as elaborate as Noah's, it was in many ways far more revealing, and far more arousing. He too wore a hood, but a half hood which left his cheeks, nose and jaw clear. His face was easily enough recognised even beneath the leather. A thin collar speckled with tiny chrome studs was around his neck, and a fairly simple harness sat across his chest and shoulders, consisting of four straps which connected from a single silver ring between his shoulder blades to two similar rings framing his nipples, and joined by another black leather strap. The dark hide contrasted sharply against his white skin.His chaps were skin tight, black leather inlaid with a blue stripe down the outer edge of each leg, and sinking into knee high, laced up boots. He was bare-arsed, his cock and balls contained in the tiniest triangle of soft, clinging leather, so tight that even when he was at rest you could easily make out the ridge around the head of his cock. Nick prayed Joe would not get aroused, but he appeared too nervous to be concerned about any prospect of an erection.The three of them sat together, going over the plan for the evening, and trying not to look at each other too closely."Did we have to be ready so early?" Nick asked in a whine."What if he shows up early?' Noah replied. "The whole thing would have been blown."Joe said nothing, but his eyes darted around the house, watching everything."Are you okay, Joe," Nick asked with concern."Umm, I think so. Just very nervous, and more than a little self-conscious!" he said in a near whisper, inclining his head toward the bedroom door which stood a few centimetres ajar.Noah grinned reassuringly. "Try not to think about it," he whispered back, "and put on the best show you can manage!" A little more loudly, he said to Nick, "Why don't you wait near the front window, and call out when you see him coming, then get back in here as fast as you can. And don't turn the light on! We don't want him to spot you watching for him.""Yes, I know," Nick stated, a little annoyed, moving to the front room to take up his position as lookout. Noah looked around while Joe lowered the lights to no more than a dim glow in the living room. Lolita Nudist ***"Here he comes!" Nick's voice rang out in a loud whisper just before 7.00 o'clock."Right on time," commented Joe ruefully."Quickly," Noah said as Nick raced in to join them, "get into position!"As both Noah and Joe fell to their knees, dropping their faces to the floor and eagerly beginning to lick his boots, Nick began ordering them in a loud, firm voice, one hand on his hip while the other gripped a wide, black leather paddle studded with chrome points. All three heard a tentative knock at the front door, knowing it was unlatched, and would open to Tony's touch."Hurry up, slaves," Nick commanded. "I want to be able to see my reflection in those boots!" Noah risked an upward glance at his partner, but Joe did as he was told, enthusiastically laving Nick's boots with his tongue. Nick was certain he heard the door creak, and footsteps in the hallway as he bent to lay a light slap on Noah's rear with the paddle. "Come on, boy," he said harshly to Joe. "Make sure you do it right or you'll feel the slap of this leather on that pretty little arse of yours, too!" he marvelled inwardly at the sense of power he felt, and had to remind himself of what was happening to keep from developing an erection."Yes, Sir," Joe moaned out between sweeps with his lips. "Please, Sir, I only want to serve you!"There was no mistaking the gasp of horror all three heard clearly at that point."WHAT THE FUCK?" Tony almost screamed. "Joe, what are you doing?"He raced across the Lolita Nudist room, eyes wide as he shook with anger. Nick stepped back in feigned surprise as Joe lifted to his knees and looked uncertainly at his friend."Tony, um, what ... I didn't realise you were here ..." he stammered, playing his role expertly.Tony's eyes looked ready to explode from their sockets. His face was bright red and he gasped for breath as he yelled at the three of them."You sick bastards! You filthy, perverted arseholes," he hissed at Nick and Noah. "How dare you do this to him? Joe, they're twisted, disgusting. Don't let them do this to you, please!!"Joe managed to look both surprised and offended. "But Tony, I asked them to do it. I need it! I'm just a lowly slave who needs to be disciplined by a strong Master," he said almost innocently. "Do you want to join in?"Noah thought Tony was going to have a heart attack. "NO!!!" the man screamed out. "This can't be happening! Joe -- I tried to protect you. I made sure Richard couldn't pollute you with his fucked up games. How could you let these guys do it to you when you hardly know them?"Nick summoned up his deepest tone of voice, and spoke out confidently, more confidently than he felt. "Tony, these two are my slaves," he said. "But if you want to join us, I'm happy to share -- if that's your scene."Tony's already red complexion turned purple. "You arsehole! Leave him alone," he gasped, pointing at Joe. "I tried to protect him from scum like you. I got rid of one fucked up pervert, and I can do it again! I saved Joe from Richard's weirdo kink, and you're not gonna have him either.""What do you mean, you saved me from Richard?" Joe asked, louder, rising to his feet. "Richard was my Master. He used to discipline me, but now he's left me so I needed another Master!" he said evenly.Tony looked at his friend in horror. "You can't be serious! You can't be twisted like him, like them!""It's not twisted," Joe replied. "It's hot. Fucking hot. And it's what I am.""No, Joe, it's not. You don't have to do this. I love you! I'd never treat you like this," Tony said shaking."But I need it," Joe went on. "Richard usually gives it to me ...""Well, he'll never do it again!" Tony spat. "I've made sure of that.""What have you done?" Noah asked quickly. "Why won't Richard ever discipline his slave again?"Tony's whole body quivered with rage. His voice was like ice. "Because he's dead! I killed him, when I found out what he was doing. I couldn't have some sicko like that around my Joe. I couldn't let him near Joe again!""You killed him?" Joe's gasping yell echoed in the room. "Why? How? I loved him; he was my lover, and my Master!""No, Joe," Tony whispered, falling to his knees. "You didn't need him; didn't need that. I can give you everything you need -- love, and protection, and ... everything! I was here that night ... when you fought. I heard him yelling at you. I saw him leave, and followed him. I saw where he went, knew he was seeing someone else. I waited for him, to confront him, to tell him to leave, and not hurt you more than he already had."Tony was beginning to sob now, his breathing ragged, his frame shaking as he gasped out his story."Joe, he was cheating on you. I always thought he was, and now I had proof. He almost fell out of that house -- his `friend's place' -- he was hurt, doubled over and limping. I felt sorry for him, thought I'd made a mistake. I took him home to clean him up. But when we got there, when I got him to strip -- Joe under his clothes he was wearing all of this kinky shit," Tony gestured widely, taking in the gear that Nick, Noah and Joe were wearing. "It's all so perverted, so dirty," he went on. "I told Richard he was warped; sick. I told him to stay away from you. He just laughed, said what you needed was a good whipping! I got so angry, I just grabbed a pair of scissors off the cabinet, and stabbed them into that sick, filthy mouth of his. Kept on going until he stopped talking that way. Until he stopped making those horrible noises."Tony was blubbering now, beginning to curl up into a ball, his arms around his knees as he still looked to Joe with eyes pleading for understanding. "I only did it for you, Joe, my love. I couldn't let him drag you into his sick world. You couldn't be turned into one of his type. But I'm too late -- these guys have done it anyway!"A crazed look spread over his features, and Tony began to rise to his feet again, renewed anger in his movements. "I'll teach you to leave normal people alone!" he hissed, as the three backed away from him.With that, the door leading from the living room to the bedroom, which had remained slightly open, dark within, suddenly flew wide, and lights were snapped on, filling the house with brightness. Two men emerged from the room at speed, one in full police uniform, and as Tony stared, lost and blinking in surprise, the cop wrestled him quickly to the ground, snapping cuffs around his wrists."You are under arrest for the murder of Richard Harris," intoned the other man almost without feeling. "I am Detective Jamieson, and this is Constable Friedman. You do not have to say anything, but if you ..." the officer went on with the required warnings as Tony sat in stunned silence, restrained and unmoving."Gentlemen," Detective Jamieson said when he had finished Lolita Nudist with Tony, turning to the other three. "Thank you for your assistance. We'll take things from here. Mr Sorensen, my apologies if I sounded less than convinced when you telephoned this afternoon, but you have certainly proved your point now. Mr Gage," he said, addressing Joe. "I know it must look like we did not take you seriously when you reported Mr Harris missing, but I assure you we could only work with what limited information we had available to us." His look again encompassed not only Joe, but Nick and Noah as well. "Mr Sorensen and Mr Giannis -- once again, you seem to have gotten involved in matters which really are best left to the police," Nick snorted, but the detective ignored him and went on. "However I congratulate you on uncovering this crime, even if your methods are a little ... unusual!" he said, eyebrows high as he surveyed yet again the three men in full leather gear.Without even the slightest self-consciousness or embarrassment, Noah held out his hand. "We do what we can with what we've got, Detective," he said, smiling.Nick and Joe tried to restrain themselves, but failed. Both of them began to laugh."We'll see ourselves out," said the cop, as he nodded to the constable who was also trying to stifle a chuckle. The two cops made their way out with Tony between them, as the three friends finally collapsed onto the sofa.Joe's mirth soon subsided as the enormity of what had happened crashed down on him. He sat in silence, shaking his head sadly. "He's dead!" he stated flatly.Noah put one arm around his shoulder. "Yes, he is. I thought he might be," he said softly. "Are you okay?""I ... I don't know!" Joe said, his voice cracking as tears began to fall. "In a way it's a relief -- at least I know what happened, I know he's not still out there somewhere. But ...""It's okay, Joe," Nick soothed, taking the space on the other side from Noah. "Let it out if you want."Joe began to sob then. "Guys," he gasped, "can you stay with me -- I don't think I can be alone.""Of course," they said in unison. For the next hour or more the three of them sat there as Joe poured out his grief, incongruous in their gleaming leather and sparkling chrome, but comforting him as best they could offer. When Joe eventually regained some composure, Noah and Nick helped him from his leathers, and quickly changed into civvies themselves. Noah put Joe into his bed while Nick searched the kitchen for coffee."He'll be alright in time," Noah said as he closed Joe's bedroom door behind him."I know," said Nick, "but I think we should stay here tonight anyway.""Agreed! We can use the spare bedroom -- leave the door open so we hear him if he gets up. He's going to need a friend, and I think he's just lost his two closest friends all in one night."Nick snorted derisively. "I don't think either of them was a true friend, even his `lover'. He deserves better than that."Noah nodded sadly, as they settled in to see out the long night. ***A week after the eventful night at Joe's home, the three friends were gathered in a meeting room at Surry Hills police centre, with Detective Jamieson. They had asked to be kept up to date on the investigation, and charging of Tony, and the cop felt that whilst it was unusual, they were owed the details."Forensics found the scissors in his home," the Detective was saying. "They'd been cleaned, but not well, and we lifted blood and skin from them, as well as blood traces from the floor and walls and in other parts of the house. It seems that after Tony killed Richard, he simply left him on the floor of the bathroom, and went back to the home of Mr O'Riordan ..."To Nick's puzzled look, Noah whispered, "Supersub!"The policeman coughed with annoyance and went on. "He then returned to the scene of the murder, wrapped the body in a blanket and dragged it through the house, where he buried it in a shallow grave in the rear garden. We found it immediately, no more than 30 centimetres deep. Mr Harris was still dressed in leather ... uh ... `clothing', when his body was retrieved.""What will happen to him; to Tony, I mean," Joe asked quietly."He's been charged with murder. What happens now is up to the Courts. I wouldn't be surprised, from the way his lawyers have been talking, if he's going to try to plead `temporary insanity', but I don't like his chances. Either way, I think he'll be spending quite some time in prison.""Pity," said Joe, as Nick and Noah exchanged surprised looks. "I mean, he's a good person really, just a little warped, I guess.""Warped?" Nick muttered. "He killed your lover, and described you as sick and perverted!""Yeah, I know, but he was always there for me. He thought he was doing the right thing. And now that I know what Richard was doing, well, somehow I feel he betrayed me, and I'm getting over him a lot faster than I expected.""You'll be fine," Noah said. "Tony may have been around to help you, but he was only doing it to further his own ends. Remember, he is the sick one, the twisted one, not you!"Joe nodded, but looked unconvinced. To be completed ... This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, Lolita Nudist whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!
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